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Disrupting the inertia of your life means overcoming resistance to change and creating positive momentum toward your definition of improvement. Identifying weak signals, plugging into new trends, being curious to try new things, all of this is innovation that can lead to improved results in your life. 

Disruptors can turn industries, institutions, and antiquated customs and traditions on their heads. Disrupt inertia. Make new choices. Quantumly interfere with yourself. Leave a wake. Exert a force on this world. See everything with a pearlescent lens. Live your best life. Steer yourself toward your dreams.

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Let's talk about debt, baby! Debt can trigger traumatic responses for people with a checkered money story, who've experienced bankruptcy and/or high levels of financial anxiety. For those living paycheck to paycheck at times in our lives, it can be difficult to believe we'll ever get out of the hamster wheel rat race.

How do you level up your business? How do you invest in assets that will grow your potential for future revenue? For some people, the answer might surprise you because it includes going into debt to invest in yourself.

Debt is your Ally: Shifting from Financial Anxiety to Friends

The 80/20 Principle is the secret to success by achieving more with less. Find out how this concept can help not only your business, but also your day job, your daily interactions, your investment portfolio, and your life!

What can the 80/20 Principle do for me?



An important facet of having a strong money mindset is trusting yourself. We all want more confidence in our decision-making capabilities. I discuss learnings from one of my favorite books, "Thinking in Bets" by Annie Duke, former World Series of Poker champion. I also incorporate lessons I've learned over the years around mindset, investing, gambling/statistics, and trying to predict the future. We're talking about decisions/bets, neuroscience/how we think, game theory, uncertainty, opportunity cost, beliefs, redefining confidence/success/failure, and how being smarter can actually make it harder on you to make decisions!

Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts

Have big dreams you want to see come true in 2022? To get to where you want to go, you need to start somewhere, assess where you are, and begin to close in on the intention. So spend an hour with me learning how to prepare your own set of financial statements to create a current snapshot of your business, learn tips for getting yourself organized and poised to make those big dreams happen.

Topics will cover key components of a balance sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow statement (the financial dashboard you use to make key decisions about your business). 

Get Your Financial House In Order for Year End



Quantum interference principles indicate that waves can interfere with themselves to either amplify themselves or quiet themselves. We don’t just need to be predictable waves of energy at a given amplitude and wavelength, experiencing the same crests and troughs forever. We have the power to disrupt the inertia of the auto-pilot lives we’ve been living, to create new results and have impact. We can interrupt old habits and patterns of thinking to reawaken fresh, conscious choices in our daily lives.

Backing up, inertia is the tendency to stay the same or remain unchanged. This is the daily rat race of our lives, the hamster wheel we exist in running futilely, that straight line causing mass despair, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. The struggle is part of the trap of that straight line. What keeps you in that straight line are the beliefs you hold and thoughts you think that lead to your decisions. What has worked for you in the past is the key to maintaining your current level of performance because it is what got you there, perpetuating that rat race. If you want to break out of it, you must do something different, choose differently, think differently, and behave differently. You have the power to change that straight line.

What do I mean when I say, “Disrupt inertia”?

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If we can interfere with our own energy waves, we can have an impact on ourselves and those we encounter. Through practice, we can learn the controls to have a more calculated impact on our lives. By reverse-engineering the current reality we are in to determine the thoughts we are thinking, we can throw a spanner in the works, choose to think new thoughts, and change our current reality into a better one. We’re not the same waves of energy anymore. You’re not just the waves; you can also be the external force that smacks you upside your own head when you’re sick of your shit. That interferes with the trajectory of your life. You can change how you reflect and how you are in the world by making new choices. Choice is power. How many people even consider challenging their decision making to arrive at new answers? Nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want more or different, you must do more or different.